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Template in HTML and CSS

Template in HTML and CSS :

Template in HTML and CSS


HTML5 loosens some of the rules.It is because , the creator of HTML5 wanted to narrow the gap between “web pages that works” and the “web pages that are considered valid”.

  • HTML5 makes it option to use <html>,<head>,<body> tags(although they are pretty useful).
  • Capitalization is ignored in HTML5 .That means that markup can be written as: <P>Capital and lower case letters<EM> does not matter</eM> in tags name</p>.
  • HTML5 also avoids closing slash from void elements-that is the element with now nested tag like <img>,<br>,<hr>. It means both <hr> and <hr/> are valid.
  • HTML5 CHNAGES the rule for attributes.The attribute values do not require quotations as long as the value does not contain any restricted character such as >,=or space.


HTML5 allows attributes with no values.The redundant syntax to put a checkbox in XHTML <input type=”checkbox” checked=”checked”> can be altered to <input type=”checkbox” checked> in HTML5.

It is a fact that the developers can switch between both the looser and stricter styles, even using both in the same document.

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Template in HTML and CSS

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