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Select payment method -radio buttons

Select payment method:

Select payment method
Select payment method
Select payment method

Select payment method – creating it

Understanding HTML:

Understanding the style

Style for the container div and div containing a card

Style for radio button

position:absolute;,width:100%;,height:100%; are used to set the radio button to cover entire area of the div , in which it is contained.

opacity:0; is used to make the radio button hidden without actually affecting it’s functionality.

display:none; is not used to hide the radio button because it makes the radio button ineffective. In other words, it is like there is no radio button present.

pointer-events: none; sets no pointer events occur on click of the image.

This style functions on selection of a radio button, or when a radio button is checked.

.cnt_min input[type="radio"]:checked ~ .selected_img selects the .cnt_min div containing the input with type radio and corresponding img with class .selected_img

View on CodePen

See the Pen Select a payment method using radio buttons by scanfcode (@scanfcode) on CodePen.