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Multiply entered matrix

This program illustrate the concept how to multiply entered matrix.

  • In this program “m=row” and “n=coloumn” for first matrix.
  • And “p=row” and “q=coloumn” for second matrix.
  • We can multiply two matrix if and only if rows of first matrix=coloumns of second matrix.


If their is only one row and coloumn

multiply entered matrix

If their are three rows and coloumns

multiply entered matrix

What is matrix?

  • It is a rectangular array arranged in rows and coloumns.
  • Suppose a matrix “A” is denoted by m x n order.Where m=rows and n=coloumns.
  • Individual item in matrix “A” will be denoted by “aij” where i=m and j=n.

How matrix multiplication takes place

If their is only one row and one coloumn

multiply entered matrix

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