How to start earning from youtube

Earning from youtube

This article shows how one can start earning from youtube.

  • YouTube is a simple video sharing platform available as website and mobile application.
  • It means cinematographer can upload their video made in any language or in any quality to the server and it will be available to all the users of YouTube world-wide.
  • It was developed in year 2005.At present it comes under “Google”. Approximately 72 hours long videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
  • Some people uses YouTube as a hobby, while some take it as their part time work and others as a full time work. It is a good source of income.
  • It does not demand any qualification from the users for uploading videos .
  • User only need to create a YouTube channel. For creating a YouTube channel user must have Gmail account.

Steps to create channel on YouTube:-
  1. Open www.youtube.com in dekstop and click on profile picture -> “creater studio”.
  2. earning from youtube

  3. In creater studio go to VIDEO MANAGER and click on create a channel.
  4. earning from youtube

  5. After clicking on create a channel enter your channel name.
  6. earning from youtube

  7. And at last you have made the channel.Now in dashboard click on VIEW CHANNEL.
  8. earning from youtube

  9. In a view channel enter a good description means describe your channel and add channel art (Photo).
  10. earning from youtube

Verify channel:-

Once the channel is made now it’s time to verify the channel.

  1. Go to channel and click on status and feature.
  2. earning from youtube

  3. Click on verify in status and feature.
  4. In textbox enter you mobile number and select the option between call and text.
  5. earning from youtube

  6. After completing third step you will get a verification code by text message or call.

How to upload a video
  1. For uploading a video click on upward arrow near notification bell.
  2. earning from youtube

  3. Now click on select files to upload a video.
  4. earning from youtube

  5. After selecting a video you will get a screen like this.
  6. earning from youtube

  7. Enter a appropriate and attractive tittle in the tittle box.
  8. In the description box enter description about your video. A good description helps to increase the traffic on video.
  9. In the tag box enter different tags .Tags help video to rank up while searching.
  10. After entering tags select a thumbnail .Thumbnail is a cover photo that will visible in video. A attractive thumbnail attract more visitors. YouTube gives option to upload a custom thumbnail by clicking on custom thumbnail means you can made your known thumbnail and can upload it.
  11. Once you complete above all stteps click on publish.

How YouTube helps in earning ?
  • YouTube does not give money on the factor number of video users upload.
  • YouTube earning method is based on ads which are known as AdSense.
  • AdSense will only be accepted by google if and only if your channel will have 10000 views.

Steps for applying AdSense
  1. On left hand in creater studio click on channel->status and features.
  2. In the monetization block click enable.
  3. earning from youtube

  4. After clicking on “enable” you will get a new window with option. Click on start.
  5. earning from youtube

  6. Select all the three options and click on “I Accept”.
  7. earning from youtube

  8. Now it’s time to sign up for adsense account.
  9. Click again on start-> Next-> sign in.
  10. earning from youtube
    earning from youtubeearning from youtube

  11. Click on save and continue.
  12. earning from youtube

  13. Once you click on save and continue a new window will open.
  14. Enter all the information in that window.
  15. earning from youtube

  16. Select all the yes option in AdSense Email preferences and click submit my application.
  17. earning from youtube

  18. Select “Yes, I have read and accept the agreement.” And click “accept”.
  19. earning from youtube

  20. After you click on accept it will automatically redirect to “monetization” page.

Set monetization preferences
  1. Click on start.
  2. earning from youtube

  3. A new window will open click on save.
  4. earning from youtube

Some tips to increase traffic on videos
  1. Make a thumbnail attractive and readable.
  2. The tittle should be good. You can write the tittle in only 70 character including spaces.
  3. Use a keywords that matches your video.
  4. The quality of video should be good. It should be minimum 1080p HD.
  5. The sound quality should be good. If you use a background music it should be in very low volume so that users are able to listen your voice properly.
  6. Maintain your audience retention. Audience retention means at what time users stop seeing your particular video. You can check your audience retention in dashboard. Eg. if A uploads a video of 7 minutes then some user will watch that video till 5 minutes some will watch 6 minute so it means user are not interested to watch your full video .
  7. Increase USER INTERACTION SIGNAL. It means users are commenting, liking your video. Sharing and subscribing a video also fall under user attraction.
  8. The description should be good .We can write the description in 5000 character. But first 160 character should contain your tittle keyword to rank your video.
  9. Tags should match the keyword and input maximum 10 tags.
  10. Reply to your user’s comment daily by adding a relevant keyword in that comment.