Category: Develop back-end

Back end development refers to the code that resides on the server usually hidden from the user.

In contrast to that, front end development refers to the code manipulated by the user.

Back end development focuses on:

  • Scripting languages like Nodejs, PHP, Python, Ruby, or Perl
  • Automated testing frameworks for the language being used
  • Database administration
  • Scalability
  • Security concerns, authentication and authorization
  • Data transformation
  • Backup methods and software

The back-end — also known as CMS (content management system) or back office — is the part of the app that remains hidden to users (but not to the admin or developers).

Its job is to 1) access the information that users require through the app, 2) combine and transform such information, and 3) return the information in its new shape to the requester.

PHP basics

  • Introduction to PHP
  • Embedding Php code in your web pages
  • Php variables
  • Php conditional statements-if, else, elseif
  • PHP switch Statement
  • PHP while loop
  • PHP do while loop
  • PHP for loop
  • The break, goto and continue statement
  • PHP functions
  • PHP Recursive functions
  • Creating php sessions
  • PHP handling file uploads
  • Pagination in php
  • Breadcrumb in php

  • PHP interactions with database snippets

  • PHP inserting values to database
  • How to create email templates and send emails using PHP
  • PHP updating data in MySQL database
  • Creating a login script in php
  • PHP deleting data from MySQL database
  • Passing data to php script using Ajax
  • How to login and logout a user using PHP cookies
  • Creating search box suggestions with Ajax
  • PHP blowfish encryption

  • SQL basics

  • What Is SQL (Structured Query Language)
  • SQL select statement
  • SQL Distinct
  • SQL WHERE Clause
  • SQL AND & OR Operators
  • SQL order by keyword
  • SQL update statement
  • SQL delete statement
  • SQL Like operator