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Rotating loading animation

Rotating loading animation in css. Rotating loading animation HTML markup:


Demo: See the Pen Loader in css by scanfcode (@scanfcode) on CodePen.

Footer industry theme

Footer industry theme built in CSS Footer industry theme Demo: Check out live demo here Markup:


Script for google map API

Finding minimum and maximum

Finding minimum and maximum using divide and conquer Finding minimum and maximum Problem statement Input: Given an array of n elements. Output: Return maximum and minimum element. Approach 1: without using divide and conquer Example:

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Industry theme – header template

Industry theme – header template in CSS only This template uses Responsive using – Bootstrap framework CSS for styling and @media queries for styling according to different view areas. Industry theme – header template Html markup:

CSS styles:

Live demo:…Read More »

Loading animation in CSS

Loading animation in CSS. Use simple loaders in website. Loading animation in CSS Demo: See the Pen Loading animation by scanfcode (@scanfcode) on CodePen. HTML markup:


Linked list in C

Linked list in C are implemented in structures. Linked list is implemented using pointers. The first node is called head Linked list in C Each node consist of two parts: data pointer to next node

Creating first linked list

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Navigation bar UI

Navigation bar UI -a snippet which uses bootstrap navigation bar and turns it to a more attractive looking navigation with additional CSS. Navigation bar UI Demo: See the Pen Bootstrap navigation with CSS by scanfcode (@scanfcode) on CodePen. HTML Markup:

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