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What is Scanfcode?

Scanfcode.com “CODE WANTS TO BE SIMPLE”¬† is an initiative¬† to help the upcoming programmers with the code. Scanfcode focuses on providing the most efficient code or snippets as the code wants to be simple. We will help programmers build up concepts in different programming languages that include

What does Scanfcode cover?

Easy learning

  • Scanfcode focuses on simplicity.
  • Scanfcode publishes a code snippets with explanations on how it works.
  • Scanfcode is free.
  • Scanfcode answers basic problems faced by early programmers.
  • Scanfcode’s post are categorized in different levels for ease.

How can you help us?

It is easy to report any broken links and errors. Simply fill the contact us form. Team Scanfcode responds in fastest possible way.

Team Scanfcode

Kanika Gupta
Kanika Gupta
Web developer

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